Sunday, November 9, 2014

Day 9: Writers' lives

I feel like a hypocrite.

I wrote yesterday about banking words, catching up if you're behind like me. And then today happened. Where I fell about 500 words short of the Nano quota, making me almost 2000 words behind.

So much for banking words today. So much for catching up.

Life happens. Some days as a writer will be almost magical. The words will come with a rush of awe that you could actually come up with something like that. You'll be tapping away at your keyboard for hours, your fingers flitting over the keys like hummingbirds to flowers, drinking in the wonder that writing fills you with.

And then other days will be torment. You'll stare at that cursor, mocking you with its cheeky little winking, wondering what on earth happened to your mind to paralyze it into a coma-like state. You'll wonder how you could've written such awful rubbish without casuing your computer to overload from the very despicable essence of it. You'll wonder how you could've fooled yourself into thinking you could ever been a writer...

Keep typing on those days.

Keep writing.

No matter how little you write each day, with each word your skills improve, and you realize that you can do it.

You can be a writer. No matter whether you feel you can or not. No matter what anyone, including your diabolical little mind goblins, says.

It's up to you.

Today's Total: 1,201
Total So Far: 13,077
Left to Write: 36,923

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