Saturday, November 15, 2014

Day 15: A rest day

Today I didn't write anything.

Not a single word.

As I mentioned yesterday, I had a baby shower to attend today. By the time I got back from it, there was no time to write (and I had no time to write before I left). I thought about trying to squeeze in a hundred words, but decided to forget it.

Sometimes it's good just to take a rest day.

Now if I had been 2,000 words behind, I don't know that I would've done it, but I banked enough yesterday that I felt totally comfortable not writing today (who am I kidding? I still wanted to write, but told myself to take a break).

But if you find yourself during this challenge feeling exhausted, wiped, and just sick at the thought of writing another word, you might need a break. Taking one day off isn't going to ruin Nano. You'll probably find yourself raring to go the next day.

So go ahead. Take a break if you need it. And get right back to work the next day.

Today's Total: 0
Total So Far: 25,029
Left to Write: 24,971

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