Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 11: Pitfalls

Today, my laptop dug a hole for me.

Let me explain.

I have an HP from 2009 (yeah, I know, it's old). And for the past year or so, I've been certain it's going to die.

But it keeps working. Well, sort of.

It runs really slowly, especially with the internet, and the programs will freeze. I've scanned it several times and have a firewall and malware protection, so I think it's just age.

Today, it had more trouble than usual. It shut down on me in the middle of Nano writing. And then it took a long time for it to boot up and reload the programs.

Expect pitfalls.

Expect for things to go horribly wrong at least once during your time as a writer, whether it's you completely miss the word count for Nano, your computer dies, or your manuscript is rejected by 57 agents (honestly, now my PC problems seem minor).

But push through it anyway.

Take it as it is: a learning experience.

Today's Total: 2,500
Total So Far: 17,607
Left to Write: 32,393

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