Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Day 5: 15 minutes

15 minutes is really more time than you think.

Today was a blur of outdoor work, party planning, and a plethora of other things which didn't leave a lot of time for writing (not to mention the lingering effects of my cold, I had more energy today though, so that's a good sign).

Days like that, when it's tempting to just give up for the day, just write for 15 minutes.

In 15 minutes of just pure writing without editing, usually helps me put down almost 750 words (not a bad chunk, considering 100 days of that would give you a 75,000 word rough draft).

And although that 750 words is less than half of what you need to write in a day to meet the Nano goal, it's still better than nothing. And the beauty of it is that once you get into it, you'll likely write for longer.

And two 15 minute sessions would equal about 1,500 words (depending on how fast a typer you are / how well your story's flowing). You could do one in the morning and one at night and get most of the daily quota filled. That's pretty doable. And you could always add a third session on weekends to cover the rest of the quota.

I know I'm harping on this, that I already mentioned it in at least two posts, but just try 15 minute sessions. If nothing else, it breaks your writing time into easily doable chunks.

Today's Total: 1,055
Total So Far: 6,081
Left to Write: 43,919

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