Sunday, November 2, 2014

Day 2: Persevere

Today my cold symptoms finally had the decency to turn into a cold.

Colds are probably the worst kind of sickness (at least in my thinking). They leave me so tired that I don't have the energy to do anything, and yet I have too much to just sleep it off. So in times like this, I usually end up getting a fair amount of reading done, if I can focus well-enough. I also was able to get more written today than yesterday.

Some stuff you just got to work through. I feel silly writing about persevering when it's only the second day in, but the truth is that, just like not everything has glittery beginnings, not everything is going to be easy, even if you love it.

I love writing, and the few times I've toyed with the idea of quitting, just to kind of see what it'd be like, I've gotten an awful, dead feeling inside of my stomach, like all the spark and adventure of life was snuffed out with my writing.

But like any of you who like to write probably realize, writing isn't always easy. some days we have tons of energy and can't wait to sit in front of our keyboards and pound away. But other days we're ill, or tired, or just don't know what to write about.

Sit down on those days and take fifteen minutes. Write about whatever you want, even if it's silly. Or if you're working on a story, explore a new path in it. You can always scrap it later. But I can guarantee you it won't get done if you don't persevere in writing it.

Today's Total: 1475
Total So Far:  2016
Left to Write: 47,984

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