Friday, November 14, 2014

Day 14: Banking words

I officially reached 25,000 words today (a day ahead of schedule, woo hoo!).

Now it's time for the last 25,000.

I purposely wrote so much today because I'm going to a baby shower tomorrow, and I didn't know what time I'd have for writing.

I think it's really important to bank words.

Think of it like a little rainy day savings in words. For a challenge like this, a deadline, or just your own personal writing goals, it's important to write ahead.

You never know if you'll get sick and not be able to write.

Or have something else come up, like a party or something you want to attend.

Or just have too many other things to do to fit some writing time in.

I feel silly for talking about this, since until today I was behind on the Nano challenge, but I urge you to start banking some extra words each day, even if it's just a hundred words.

They don't take long to write, but if you're on track with your Nano quota, and write just an extra hundred words a day, you'll finish a day early. You could take Thanksgiving off, or submit your final word count sooner than the 30th.

I hope to write some extra words each day from here on out, but honestly I don't know how it'll go.

Hopefully I can get in at least an extra hundred words though.

Today's Total: 4,200
Total So Far: 25,029
Left to Write: 24,971

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