Friday, November 7, 2014

Day 7: Word count going up

The word count's going up, and the number of words left to write is growing smaller.

Persistence, I've decided, is definitely key when it comes to something like this. Persistence and endurance.

Nano's like training for an actual writing career. After all, unless you're really famous and your books are selling by the millions, you can't really afford to take long hiatuses from writing (and even then I don't think your readers will be very happy with you).

If I ever achieve the honor of being a full-time writer, there will be days, as much as I love writing, that I'll want to quit. And I'm sure all writers have felt like that at some point or other. Writing's hard. It's hard pouring yourself out on paper, deleting your precious scenes and characters for the sake of the story, losing a phrase here and there that sounds amazing but does nothing for the story.

Nano's great in that it gives you the first taste of it: the pouring out on paper even when you don't feel inspired, even when you rather chew ice in Antarctica than spend another five minutes watching your cursor wink at you. Because honestly, if we don't learn to endure during the writing stage, to just get it down and get it done, what hope do we have of surviving when we have to start chucking pieces of our work?

Today's Total: 1370
Total So Far: 9155
Left to Write: 40845 

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