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She sat down on the bed, cradling the sword. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I can never tell him.”

Because he would never believe her. And she would just end up back in the Tower. She could only be free while she kept this secret... ~ Thorn Changer

After escaping from prison, Skey leaves her homeland in order to leave her past behind her. But if breaking out of the Tower was hard, she finds out that keeping her past and her form changing a secret is even harder. Arriving in Beolki during a war, she is employed as a minstrel by Lady Sieku of Sumika. But while the lady trusts her, gaining the trust of the king is another story. As is eluding Sodoma and his army of Iezomen, the servants of Foaie.

But when her secret comes out, she has to choose between losing her own freedom, or keeping it by taking away that of others. Available at Amazon.

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