Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 1: A "wonderful" start

I think it's Murphy's Law that says if something can go wrong it will.

That was today.

I woke up with nagging cold symptoms that didn't have the decency to develop into a full-blown cold just so I could get it over with. And it was raining and cold. And a package that was supposed to have been delivered yesterday but was delivered today, contained not only the wrong item, but a defective one at that. So off I go to email the company about their error.

And of course, my computer chooses today to act up, so I spent several minutes trying to get it to load what I needed in Microsoft Word (of course, when it is five years old already, pushing six, I'm not quite sure I can really blame it).

Needless to say, today was not the glorious start to Nano that I would've liked. But then, life isn't full of glorious starts. Often, the starts to any great and worthwhile thing are kind of messy and horrifying. Glamorous starts, I think, are a myth. It's pushing through the messiness that's important.

So let's celebrate pushing through the problems, however minor or major they may be. After all, isn't it just important that we started? There's always room for improvement down the line.

Today's Total: 541
Total So Far: 541
Left to Write: 49,459

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