Thursday, November 6, 2014

Day 6: Little improvements

Today was a good day.

The cold's been conquered, and even though the weather was rainy, it was a good day just to get some stuff done and write. I actually like writing in the rain. Is that weird? For some reason, the rain helps me stay more focused on what I'm working on. It helps the parts of the story fit better in my head. Maybe I need to download some mp3s of rain storms.

I was really happy that I exceeded the Nano quota of 1,667 today. I have a little catching up to do on the word count, and I still want to try to get ahead with the holidays coming up. I have to admit, this was the time for me to get sick this month if it was going to happen. Now that I'm better (and not too far behind) I can easily catch up, whereas if I'd gotten sick in two weeks, it may have been a bit harder to get it finished.

So here's hoping for a healthy rest of November for all of us.

Today's Total: 1,704
Total So Far: 7,785
Left to Write: 42,215

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