Thursday, November 20, 2014

Day 20: Two-thirds done and less than 15,000

I love when I am productive.

It was another good day for me. Even though I had a couple of things to do when I got back from work, I was ready to go when I sat down to write. I wrote some before dinner and some afterwards, and each time it came easily. I think Nano has really helped me to let go and let the story flow. My inner editor has been less vocal during these last few days.

It's hard to believe though that Nano's almost over.

Ten more days, and we'll be done.

Keep pushing on till the end. Even if you're far behind on the word count, keep going. You have time to catch up.

Ten days is a lot of time, if we use it wisely.

Even if you work full-time, or are a full-time student, you can still bank quite a few words between now and the end.

Even if you don't make it this round, you'll have more written than you probably would have otherwise.

Today's Total: 2,244
Total So Far: 35,025
Left to Write: 14,975

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