Thursday, June 29, 2017

Writer Life: What's on My Desk?

Work spaces interest me. Some people need a pristine area to get stuff done, whereas others thrive in a pile of chaos. On the day he died, Albert Einstein's desk was a mound of papers. I wonder sometimes if this is the creative mind, thriving in chaos, surrounded by things that might spark new ideas (creative people love ideas). 
Naturally, I'm rather neat and tidy, but that all changes when it comes to my desk. Papers can be scattered all over. I might have piles of books I'm reading, pens, to-do-lists, notes, etc. In the picture, my desk is actually neater than it usually is. 

It's strange, because I don't like mess. I don't like a lot of clutter (I actually hate knick-knacks because they collect dust and never look neat to me). With my desk, however, it's not the same. I've cleared off my desk numerous times, but it always reverts back to being littered with things both random (like the tube of antibiotic cream on it right now) and that make more sense (like a pile of books for my June Update post). And I don't mind it. I actually think I prefer it with some clutter on it.

Maybe eventually I'll try keeping my desk clear, see if I'm more productive and creative with a blank canvas before me rather than piles, but for now I'm going to embrace it. So here's a list of things currently on my desk.

1. A bamboo plant that seriously needs some pruning. It was a birthday gift from years ago, and I love having that bit of nature with me when I work.

2. A salt lamp. I got one of these to see if it would help with my headaches from staring at my screen too long, and whether placebo or not it does.

3. A stack of books I've already read.

4. My surge protector power strip, also my main charging station for everything when I remember to charge them.

5. A thermometer and humidity gauge. The time is wrong, and I've been too lazy to figure out how to set it, but I didn't get it for a clock anyway.

6. A legal pad with a to-do list on it.

7. A sticky note pad with my list to accomplish this week.

8. Two index cards, one with goals for the year, the other with goals for July.

9. Another sticky note pad. I love them.

10. A pen and highlighter, which I use for my to-do lists.

11. My laptop and charger (of course, lol).

12. A chronological order Bible. I decided to use this for my Bible Study time and it's quite interesting. I've read the Bible before, but I really like how this one gives you an idea of what events happened concurrently.

13. A devotional book with mini lessons compiled by Beth Moore.

14. A plastic bin with memory verse flash cards. I find this is the easiest way for me to memorize Scripture.

15. An essential oil diffuser that I haven't refilled or used in weeks. 

16. A picture of my first cat, Buffy. I loved that cat (and still do).

17. A kitchen timer. I set it to remind myself to take breaks (and to remind myself to get back to work).

18. That tube of antibiotic cream I mentioned before. Not sure why I'm leaving it there.

19. Owl stickers (because why not). 

20. A giant snail shell I found on the beach years ago. 

21. An empty Smart Water bottle. For some reason, I love having a water bottle on my desk. I like the aesthetic much more than a glass (and there's not the danger of spilling, I always cap my bottles when I'm not drinking from them). 

22. A blood pressure monitor I borrowed and need to return.

23. A check for the bank.

24. A reminder from the dentist.

25. A twist tie I usually keep around my phone charger.

26. An index card and sticky note with verses and quotes that I love.   

27. A hair band and a bobby pin, to keep my hair out of my face when I work (I feel so Violet Baudelaire haha). Usually, though, the hair band is keeping my hair up already (I have really thick hair which makes me feel almost instantly hot when it's down), and I don't need the bobby pin too often.

I'm curious about doing an experiment sometime, to see if I work well with a clear space if I keep it clear long enough. After all, maybe my desk is messy because I'm lazy. But certain things I like to have out and right in my face, like that timer and my to-do paraphernalia, because it's right at hand when I need it. I'm also curious what effect putting everything anyway when I'm done working would have. 

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